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Voice App

Worcester Blades


  • User experience

  • User interface

  • Voice Alexa Skill Development

About the client

The Worcester Blades are a professional women’s ice hockey team. Part of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League, they are located in Worcester, Massachusetts. Home games are played at Fidelity Bank Worcester Ice Center. Their mission is to build a professional women’s hockey team where every player is committed and dedicated to empowering women and girls through sports.

The problem

The Worcester Blades needed a Voice Skill that could better interact and engage with their fans. They wanted a fun, interactive way that they could connect with their fans. They knew that the Bluefin team was the perfect Voice developer to go to!

The product: Voice Skill with Real-Time Updates

The Bluefin team created a dynamic skill for the Blades. This skill had many ways fans could interact with it. The skill can:

  • Update the score in the welcome message

  • Brief about the schedule and upcoming home games

  • Inform with a “Blades Bit” which currently includes “Player tip of the week” and “Fun Fact” which can be either text to speech or audio file of an interview

  • Close with a customized exit message

We’re excited to cheer on the Blades. Check out their schedule, roster, and all updates through their skill! See you at the game. Go Blades!

Ready to get started?

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