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Voice Application

Speed Star Auto Transport


  • User experience

  • User interface

  • Alexa Skill Development

  • Message integration

About the client

Whether you need a vehicle shipped to another state, across the country, or to another part of the world, Speed Star Auto Transport provides the expert service, proper equipment, and affordable pricing to get the job done on time, every time. As a company, their goal is to make the complex process of shipping a car as simple and straightforward as possible for their customers, a central point of the business since it started more than 10 years ago. Since Speed Star’s humble beginnings as a regional state-to-state car shipper, it has expanded its business and shipping routes over time to develop one of the largest vehicle shipping networks in the world.

The problem

Speed Star provide lead collection through website forms or direct phone calls. However, they were looking for a skill that would allow SSAT to collect, quote and book transportation from point A to point B. In addition, they also would like a skill to better understand customer engagement through Alexa while also providing lead generation.


The product: State of Art Alexa Skill

From a consumer perspective, Speed Star’s principal goal for the project was to assist Alexa users in getting a timely and accurate quote to safely ship their vehicle.

From a business perspective, Speed Star saw that leveraging Alexa as a real-time customer representative agent capable of answering frequently asked questions and collecting booking information would allow them to scale their customer base quicker and be able to repurpose their existing resources on more complex business transactions.  

In turn, Speed Star saves client’s time by providing more resources to handle inbound requests. The Speed Star Alexa skill takes customer inquiries and booking information through the Internet reducing call center volumes and customer wait times.

Additionally, integrating the Speed Star skill into the quoting process assures that customers can still leverage the nationwide database of transportation options to maximize their convenience and optimize their potential savings. The Speed Star skill (“Alexa, Ship My Car”…) key cog in the process of efficiently getting your car from door to door.

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