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  • User experience

  • User interface

  • Mobile App Development

About the client

Spaaza is a retail inventory publishing and search platform whose purpose is to help retailers publish inventory information in real time across multiple existing online channels and drive shoppers into their stores while offering them special deals on merchandise that is customized to their shopping profile.

The product: Customer Platform & Personal Pricing

Spaaza required a highly custom solution to gain real-time insight into its growing online business. Key to Spaaza’s continuous growth was a deep understanding of retail and consumer trends and growth of its base.


The process

Business Strategy

Bluefin engaged with Spaaza’s product team and their customers to architect the key performance indicators and dashboards of its SAAS offering. Bluefin provided Spaaza with a real-time, multi-channel, analysis tool that highlighted trends and curves critical to the retail decision-making process.

Customer Requirements Analysis

Bluefin’s team engaged Spaaza’s prospect and customer base to better understand the customer journey during the retail shopping experience. As a result of stakeholder interviews and market assessment, the team developed a set of meaningful metrics and an analysis tool that allowed Spaaza’s retailers to better measure, analyze and drive consumer behaviors and bolster their business.


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