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Voice App

Royal Palm Resort


  • User experience

  • User interface

  • Skill Development

  • MLS Integration

  • Location Based Services

About the client

A Realtor Association that helps their clients (Realtors) get clients. They do this by driving more interest to southwest Florida real estate. They want to represent their Realtors as tech-savvy. They are an association equipping realtors to grow and be successful.

The product: A home finding skill

Royal Palm Coast wanted a skill that could help potential clients find homes more efficiently and more simply. Bluefin worked with Royal Palm Coast to create an Alexa Skill that could find homes for potential home buyers. The skill created has two main features, 1. Get a list of houses sent to you matching your criteria (price, location, bed, bath), and 2. A GPS-based function that would allow a user to be in front of a house that is for sale and ask for information on the spot. The user will then be told the price and details of the home as well as be sent an email with all the corresponding information.


The process

In the time of COVID, it offered a unique challenge for the real estate industry. Homes need to be shown, but people can’t necessarily do open houses or in-person tours. Now more than ever people are searching for homes through the internet or apps they have downloaded on their smartphones. Typically people search for these homes based on certain criteria like where they can afford or what they can get for a certain price. They also like to act on that information and see houses as quickly as possible especially in this market. Bluefin with help of realtors designed a skill to help facilitate that ability without wasting time or overloading home buyers with too many people in there homes.

Ready to get started?

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