The Client: Radius by Turf Health, LLC

Turf Health, LLC is changing how ophthalmologists connect and collaborate with referring doctors.

Radius by Turf Health, LLC is the first and only software program built specifically for the referral outreach function of the ophthalmology practice. This is powerful software to fuel your growth and build deeper relationships

The Opportunity

The Turf Health team has an existing web application for their sales team to help manage the relationships with and around ophthalmologists. Since teams mainly work out in the field, accessing and capturing critical relationship and sales process information in real time was paramount to their day to day activity.   

The existing Radius web application did not provide an optimal experience on mobile devices and curbed the efficiency of their staff when developing and extending the business relationships in the field.


The Challenges


Challenge 1 - Rethinking for a Mobile Experience

The Radius web application leverages a significant number of User Experience features that are specifically tailored for tradition computers with larger screen real-estate and capable of supporting cursor-driven (ie. Hovers, Curson Interactions) designs that simply don’t translate one for one in Mobile UX.  A comprehensive review of those interactions would be required in order to redesign the experience on mobile such that learning curve and transition to and from Web to Mobile would be natural.

Challenge 2 - Decoupling the Application Logic for Versatility


Foundationally, the Radius web application front end and back-end were tightly wed to one another.  In order to leverage the capabilities of the back-end system and make them portable to multi-platforms, the architecture required the implementation of a service layer that would be made available through an Authenticated API.  The implementation of the API would need to account for not only existing functionality as it’s defined by the current Web Application but the extensibility to service the Mobile (iOS and Android), Tablet and other potential Channels Radius would be used on.


Challenge 3 - Data filtering & personalized presentation  
The Radius data sets have many attributes and optimizing their consumption by Radius employees requires the ability to personalize the view it.  The User Experience and Architectural design needed to support rapid filtering, sub-filtering, and sorting of the data per user preferences in a way that didn’t make the application overly complex and the processing costs exorbitant.


The Process

The project spanned a rapid four-month discover, design, develop, and deploy process. The scope of activities included but were not limited to:

  • Existing application tear down

  • UI/UX mobile design refactoring

  • Service layer design and definition

  • Application prototyping

  • Production code development

  • Unit and integration test scripting

  • Release Management planning and execution

  • Alpha/Beta Testing

  • App Store Preparation and Deployment

  • Post-launch support

The experience working with Jay and the Bluefin team was terrific from start to finish. They delivered a very high quality product, worked hard to do so, and were a pleasure to work with along the way. Our app is not a small one, and it’s central to our company’s evolution, so we could not afford to make a poor choice in a vendor. Bluefin was the right partner for us and I would (and will) come back again for future projects and products.
— Sean Hanlon, CEO of Turf Health, LLC.


The Results

The Bluefin team was able to work closely with Turf Radius to align quickly on the scope and goals of the project.  Leveraging an Agile development, build, and demo cadence the team lead the Radius product through an evolutionary transition from lo-fi mockups to a first-submission approval in the Apple App Store.

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