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Custom Cloud Application

One Simple Wish


  • User experience

  • User interface

  • Web Application Development

  • Online Payment Integration

About the client

One Simple Wish is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation based in NJ. One Simple Wish allows anyone to make a direct difference in the lives of foster children and vulnerable families by granting simple wishes through their online giving platform. Started in 2008 by Danielle Gletow, One Simple Wish works in 48 states, with 750+ Community Partners, and has helped grant the wishes of over 35,000 children.

The product: State of Art Donation Platform and Application

Bluefin worked with One Simple Wish to re-platform the entire donating application, allowing One Simple Wish to have access to an abundance of features previously unattainable. Bluefin also designed an entirely new user experience for visitors to One Simple Wish’s site.

Bluefin helped One Simple Wish launch a “Corporate Giving” Initiative which provides corporations or groups the ability to create giving pages custom tailored to the organizations branding, messaging, and goals. One Simple Wish’s first partners on this initiative included Disney and Brighton Cromwell.

Kids in Preschool

Information Architecture and UX Modeling

Bluefin defined the application’s Information Architecture. We then constructed, iterated, and defined the layout of the web and mobile applications. Throughout the process, Bluefin provided One Simple Wish with clickable wireframes to communicate application flows and functionality.

Requirements Analysis

Bluefin’s team of UI/UX designers worked closely with developers to write and process formalized requirements through the AGILE framework of Epics, Stories, and Use cases to prep the application for development. During this process, Bluefin’s development team worked to assess the technological workload and implications of the functional requirements.

System Design

Based on the technical requirements, the team integrated the solution design into the overall systems architecture including hosting and application frameworks to pillar the application.


Using the clickable wireframes and written functional and technical requirements provided in the previous phases as a guide, Bluefin’s development team worked in 2-week sprints to develop the application.


After development, we launched the application. One Simple Wish launched in mid-October with a new and improved web application, integrated with mobile responsiveness and an array of new, and innovative functionality.

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