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Contact Ninja


  • UI/UX Development

  • Mobile App Development

  • iOS In-App Purchasing

  • Stripe Integration

  • AWS Cloud

Contact Ninja aims to help salespeople to expand and organize their client outreach. They do this by helping users aggregate and organize their contacts in order to communicate with them on a regular cadence via mobile messaging. They are setting out to create a user-friendly, highly profit-producing Sales and Marketing tool for Solo entrepreneurs that will revolutionize the texting world we live in.

The product

Bluefin collaborated with ContactNinja to create a mobile and web-based app that organizes contacts into easy-to-text groups. This app can schedule messages in advance and has the capability to mass text users, without sending a group text as iMessage does. The application allows users to also create beautiful digital business cards so they can market themselves, their business, their products, and easily share that in mass numbers to customers or potential leads without losing authenticity. It is changing the game in cold messaging and offering a warm and value-giving strategy that grows businesses.

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The process

Because this start-up company was created by experts in both Sales and Marketing, sitting down and hearing their pain points was the first step to creating what they needed. Together we have been iterating on the product with a core group of the beta tester to continuously improve and apply enhancements based on their feedback. Having a Beta Test group is not only smart it ensures that things run smoothly and efficiently for years to come. In this process, we have created an app that will bring value and profitability to its users.

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