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Invaluable customer insights through the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) empowers businesses to engage prospects and customers like never before. At Bluefin Technology Partners, we can help your company build smart connected products that differentiate your brand from industry rivals, drive customer trust and loyalty, and accelerate sales and revenue growth. With our experience in technology innovation, an exceptional track record of delivering smart connected solutions combined with your vision together we create a product that excels in the marketplace.

  • We apply a proven process to validate, design, and develop smart connected products and systems that bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

  • We develop a financial blueprint to guide your smart product, assess your commercial strategy and goals, and analyze your product's potential ROI.

  • We leverage an integrated team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers to formalize your IoT product requirements, develop an actionable plan and deliver your desired results.

  • We handle all aspects of product, project, and vendor management and shepherd your product through required certifications and mass manufacturing.

  • We provide best-in-class connected solutions — on time and on budget.

Design, Redesign or Retrofit...


New Connected

  • We work with your team to assess the market landscape, draft BoM budgets, develop pricing models and returns.

  • We develop rapid prototypes to test ID, Mechanical and Electrical integration.  We gather product feedback and refine specifications and design for manufacturing.

  • We design and implement on-device and remote software systems to provide product connectivity, control and analytics.


Existing Product

  • We do a technical teardown of your existing product and explore ways to enhance its features and the user experience (UX) to neet your customer needs.

  • We brainstorm creative and economical ways to make your product smart and connected leveraging our partnership with industry leading smart-home technology.

  • We retrofit existing product sample with IoT capabilities and develop mass production knowledge transfer and optimization strategies. 

  • We bring your smart connected product to life and help assess your product portfolio to determine where we can scale your investment in IoT..


Fluent Water Treatment System

Bluefin and Walchem (a subsidiary of Iwaki America Inc.) created Fluent, a remote monitoring and reporting system that provides wastewater treatment plants with fast, easy access to data they can use to keep water safe.

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Link ACK Smart Dog Collar

Bluefin and The American Kennel Club launched LINK AKC, a smart collar and pet wearable that tracks a dog's location and activity and provides timely, relevant, and accurate pet information.


BluStream Bluetooth® 

Bluefin and BluStream developed a low-energy Bluetooth® temperature and humidity sensor that helped launch a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and captured the attention of music instrument industry heavyweights Taylor Guitars and D'Addario.

A Few Products We Have Helped Bring To Market…

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