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Alexa Enabled Smart Home



  • Alexa Connect Kit

  • Connected Product Design

  • Voice control

  • Prototype to Mass Production

Black+Decker: Alexa Enabled Lighting

A leader in the lighting space, Black+Decker is always looking to remain an industry favorite by advancing their products including utilizing cutting edge technology. Amazon with the ACK module offers a huge advance in technology at a relatively inexpensive investment to bring smart connected and voice forward products to market.

The Product: Alexa Enabled Lighting

Black+Decker already offers a superior product of under cabinet lighting. The amazing advancement Bluefin collaborated to help them with was to make those leading lights Alexa enabled. Want to dim the lights? Set timers, schedules, have your lights automatically turn on and off when you get home? By partnering with us we helped make this vision a reality for their engaged audience. Any of those above mentions and more can be done with your voice and the Alexa app.

The Process

This was a relatively new technology (ACK or Alexa Connect Kit) to Amazon so we are fortunate to be an early partner who is helping to pioneer, work out, and explore this type of technology use and product line creation. With Black+Decker specifically, we act as the project development lead between Amazon and Black+Decker.  We bridge the gap which includes project managing, engineering design, prototype development, and regulatory and Amazon certification with the factory who hands-on make the products and controls. We make sure to gather all the requirements and constraints (both business and technical) to help bring the absolute best voice-activated lighting system to market.

Image by Levi Stute

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