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Mobile Responsive Web App



  • UI/UX Development

  • Mobile Responsive

  • Stripe Payment Integrations

  • Klaviyo Marketing Integrations

  • Zen Desk Customer Support

Advocord is a life-management platform for all advocates in the role of guardian, conservator or Power of Attorney to record, manage and share the details of their dependents’ lives.  The web application delivers a single, secure platform for guardians and other advocates to record every detail, share with loved ones and simplify year-end reporting.

The product

Bluefin collaborated with Advocord to create a web-based app that is mobile responsive, allowing it to work on mobile phones and tablets. This website helps guardians track activity, financials and medical related information. The application allows users share this account with other stakeholders, whether it is family or lawyers, so that all parties are kept up to date on the caretaking process. It helps keep organized and time efficient for the annual reporting that is necessary for Guardians.  The easy to use site is an all in one tool for Guardains and Advocates.

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The process

Because this start-up company was created by an expert in guardianship law, sitting down and hearing their pain points was the first step to creating what they needed. Together we have been iterating on the product with a core group of the beta testers to continuously improve and apply enhancements based on their feedback. Having a Beta Test group is not only smart it ensures that things run smoothly and efficiently for years to come. In this process, we have created an app that will bring value and profitability to its users.

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