We help consumer-connected product companies maximize profits by launching their “connected products” 400% faster at one-third the cost.

From Alexa Live, learn how Bluefin leverages the ACK to lower cost and reduce the risks in getting products to market fast! 

The Right Fit

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Smart Speakers, TVs, and other smart and connected devices are transforming the way brands and consumers connect with one another. At Bluefin Technology Partners, we deliver voice-forward applications and smart home devices to help companies share their brands, products, and services across this new medium. We help your product fit into the voice technology market perfectly. We believe voice matters and a clear and connected one encourages your brand’s marketability in turn increasing your revenue without sacrificing your brand’s profitability.

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Amazon Alexa Connect Kit (ACK)

We leverage Amazon's Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) to build a compelling voice UX and enable smart and connected products. ACK is a pre-certified module (for network connectivity) and custom firmware solution that simplifies and accelerates the process of making your products accessible via Amazon’s AWS Cloud infrastructure. Our team can assess your product's readiness for leveraging ACK and craft a financial, functional, and technical plan to get your smart and connected product to market as quickly and affordably as possible. For as little as $3 per unit, we can make your product smart, connected, and voice forward opening new business opportunities and further distinguishing you from the competition. If your strategy includes engaging in the “Internet of Things”, Bluefin can drive a successful path to market with the Alexa Connect Kit.

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"For as little as $4 per unit, we can make your product smart, connected, & voice forward opening new business opportunities & further distinguishing you from the competition."

Full Product Development and Support

  • Establish and confirm ACK investment models

  • Define product concepts & delivery schedules

  • Design & develop functioning prototypes with DFM considerations

  • Establish and execute pre-certification benchmarks

  • Manage factory knowledge transfer, FCC and Amazon Certification filings

  • Develop factory tooling and QC strategies

  • Oversee factory EVT, DVT, PVT runs through Mass Production

  • Facilitate goto marketing planning and launch support

  • Provide ongoing ACK product support and maintenance

Bluefin provides end to end IoT integration services to help brands deliver Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) enabled devices to market on time and on budget. Through our proven implementation methodology we help our clients:


Voice is the New Medium

Alexa Skills or Google Actions offer great entry points to the voice-controlled market. With our support, your business can develop and deploy a voice app to engage customers, increase outreach, increase revenue, drive them to the appropriate channels and more.​​


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