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Who We Are

Uplift Cooperative is a partnership between Bluefin Technology Partners and Cantina, both award-winning companies with established histories of delivering high-quality and high-performing products. We have joined forces to help our clients navigate the complexities of creating innovative connected products and systems.

Healthcare and wellness are vital concerns for everyone. The rising costs of care, an aging population, and the need to focus on preventive care and wellness-supporting behaviors all put pressure on people and the healthcare system. The cost of treatment for chronic and lifestyle conditions is rising. The need to support an aging population is forcing the system to find new solutions and change how we approach health and wellness.

Connected devices and IoT can help everyone get better access to data and take actions that encourage preventive care. Better lifelong health, customized wellness, and lower costs are all available with advanced, user-focused technology. Uplift Cooperative raises your business to higher levels while improving quality of life for your customers. We bring complete solutions, including hardware, software, and experience design. We help you create life-changing technology experiences for your customers by bringing connected devices and services to market.

As early leaders in IoT product development, we have delivered impactful work for companies including Partners Healthcare, Arthrex, Liberty Health, Sanofi and SyncThink. 

Bluefin Technology Partners is a leading software development and IoT consulting firm based in Worcester, MA. Since 2013, Bluefin has collaborated with companies like IBM, Xively, Dragon Innovation, ASTRO, Smithwise and Connected Development to deliver apps to over 10 million customers. Bluefin specializes in IoT product development, including Product/Vendor Management, Product Ideation, Design Services, and Enterprise-Grade Technical Design.

Cantina is a digital design & development agency that ignites your great ideas and transforms them into digital products. Companies like Avid Technologies, MIT, Empower Retirement, and Zipcar trust Cantina to help them accelerate the path to innovation. Cantina’s services include Service Design, IoT User Experience, Mobile Product Development, Responsive Design and Development, and Enterprise-Grade Technical Design.

Recent Awards

Our Recent Work


Challenge: Design a responsive educational nursing web application that integrates with learning management systems and provided “of-the-moment” analytic.

Solution: Using an agile workflow and user testing, Uplift helped to design and develop a responsive, accessible web app using modern front end technologies.

Result: Helped Elsevier dive into the textbook subscription business and deliver better performance analysis.


Challenge: Develop a new responsive web site for Arthrex Convergent — a newly acquired business line for Arthrex – that is easy to navigate, and educational for visitors.

Solution: The new content-driven site is geared to educate patients about arthroplasty surgery and support options available to patients through insurance and doctor’s offices.

Result: In addition to being educational, the site was designed to drive lead generation for Arthrex, optimized for both web and mobile streams.


Challenge: Create an easy-to-use, interactive video solution that provides information and education to people with diabetes on managing the disease more effectively.

Solution: Uplift built a responsive, mobile-first website using the latest technologies and best practices for HTML5, Push State and History API.

Result: Delivered the project on time, ready to install with minimal impact on the client’s team and no impact on corporate IT.