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Over the last year, Walchem engineering addressed this challenge by combining their talents with the unique capabilities of the team at Bluefin Technology Partners to develop and launch Fluent, offering game-changing capabilities in customer and facilities management, including process monitoring and control, data management, alarms and team management. The Walchem and Bluefin effort was planned and managed effectively and efficiently. Our working relationship developed into a true strategic partnership.
— John Miersma, President and CEO

AKC chose to work with Bluefin because of its product management skills. The company’s detail-orientated employees guide us through each product phase successfully and makes working with multiple partners seamless.
— Mike Basone, EVP/COO

We chose to work with Bluefin because of their team. They have the best in class mobile design and application developers and we couldn’t be happier with how they’ve brought their experience and innovative perspective to our IoT products.
— Bob Bean, CTO

Bluefin’s deep experience in market and product development was highly complimentary to our team, allowing us to refine our product offering, focus on customer needs, and grow our base.
— Dave Sevenoaks, Founder & CEO

The experience working with Jay and the Bluefin team was terrific from start to finish. They delivered a very high quality product, worked hard to do so, and were a pleasure to work with along the way. Our app is not a small one, and it’s central to our company’s evolution, so we could not afford to make a poor choice in a vendor. Bluefin was the right partner for us and I would (and will) come back again for future projects and products.
— Sean Hanlon, CEO
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We chose Bluefin because of their personalized approach, clear understanding of our business goals, and their strong reputation as digital transformers. Their timeliness, constant communication, and stellar execution are some of the many reasons why they are the best in the business. The team’s work in the website redesign, SEO optimization, Content Strategy, Social Media Management, and Digital Advertising and Marketing has already help enhance our web presence and generate new leads for the business.
— Greg Kay, President