The Client: Smart Pet Technologies & The American Kennel Club

Smart Pet Technologies (SPT) is a company dedicated to enhancing the bond between pets and owners. By tapping into The American Kennel Club’s 132 years of devotion to dog research and more, SPT’s first product, LINK AKC, is able to better connect owners with their dogs.

Winner: Best of Innovation in Wearable Technologies at CES 2017


AKC chose to work with Bluefin because of its product management skills. The company’s detail-orientated employees guide us through each product phase successfully and makes working with multiple partners seamless.
— Mike Basone, EVP/COO of Link AKC

The Product: LINK AKC

Bluefin and LINK AKC have collaborated to create the most sophisticated product available for our furry friends today. By bringing together user experience design with industry veterans in mobile and wearable technology, LINK AKC is poised for industry leadership.



The Process

Research & Product Ideation

The team worked closely with AKC to understand their market and define the right set of product requirements that would allow AKC to be more than just competitive in the space. Bluefin helped the AKC assess its internal assets, conduct interviews of its target market, understand the competitive landscape, and develop a product strategy. The MVP requirements were scoping and a roadmap.

Partner Identification & Onboarding

Developing today’s connected IoT products require a diverse skill set from industrial design, various engineering skills, to manufacturing. Bluefin helped AKC identify the various industry experts, develop RFPs, and reached through its network of capable partners to put together a product development ecosystem.

Interface, ux & design support

Bluefin’s team worked collaboratively with product ecosystem partners to jointly define, design and develop key elements of the physical and digital experience. Leveraging a holistic view of the product and structure iterations of design samples and reviews, the team was able to create a seamless integrated experience between the device and the mobile application.

Data context and algorithm development

Connected devices provide the opportunity to collect and analyze a wealth of data. Bluefin worked with the dog experts at AKC to develop early data collection prototypes, then leverage that data to develop structured algorithms that provide insight into a dog’s day to day activity.

System integration

Bluefin led a diverse team of industry experts (8 companies and 40 people) through the integration of hardware and software components required to complete the project manufacturing/DFM services, industrial design, mechanical engineering, firmware, data analysis, server and cloud software, mobile software, component, product, and field testing.

Mass production

After everything came together, we launched. Consumers can finally get their hands (and paws) on the product. The Link app is released in the App Store and the product has hit stores.