Innovative Design

We drive business results by providing digital solutions for our clients through user experience design, architecture, and strategy. Through our detailed process of persona research, prototyping, touch points, and implementation, we create and empower strong branding.

We also create digital experiences by designing/redesigning websites using responsive design, making it mobile and tablet friends, and by optimizing marketing tools, such as search engine optimization and Google AdWords. In addition, we have experience in web analytics, social media, and digital marketing.


ui and ux design


Bluefin’s team of user interface experts design and develop the physical and digital experience. Our goal is to drive business results by enhancing the user’s digital experience. We build easy to use and robust user experiences.

Our team breaks down the process and works closely with important stakeholders each step of the way. We minimizing potential product issues by consistently testing and retesting. At the end of the day, our team leaves a digital footprint with every project.

Website design


Our marketing and design team work closely together to develop the key elements of digital web experiences. We know how important functionality, mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly interfaces, and responsive design are to our users. Thus, we build seamless, integrated experiences across all platforms to build the best user experiences.

The team at Bluefin also integrates search engine optimization, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and other web analytics to your website to ensure your website is in front of all of your competitors.

We custom tailor your websites to stand out from the crowd. It’s important that your website leaves a lasting impression. Here at Bluefin, we know it’s important to capture your customers from the very first visit on the site.

Branding and marketing


We offer services in branding, social media, and web and digital marketing. Our seasoned team of marketing professionals has years of experience in the field. We have launched/relaunched brands through new products, solutions, and applications. We combine our innovative technology with the right marketing plans. Our team is ready to assist you in your branding and marketing needs.



The Bluefin team worked in partnership with eCornell to redesign their web presence to enhance the quality of the user experience and focus on function, intuitive design, and engagement. eCornell was looking to enhance their position in the online learning marketplace by making their information more accessible and easy to navigate as well as update their site aesthetic to compliment Cornell University site and make their interface mobile friendly.


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Shady Tree Landscaping

The Bluefin team worked with Shady Tree Landscaping, a top New England landscaping service business. With a need to update their outdated website, Shady Tree called the Bluefin team to help them redesign their website and optimize their marketing strategies with SEO and blogging content. Bluefin redesigned their website while updating their content, making the website tablet and mobile friendly, and improving their SEO and Google Analytics.


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