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Managing the Digital Transformation Process

Bluefin helps companies navigate the complexities of building today’s connected products

  • Bluefin applies a proven process to validate, design, and build IoT products and systems that intersect with the physical and digital worlds
  • We specialize in providing product, project, and vendor management services to make sure that all aspects of your project are on time and on budget.
  • We produce complete solutions — hardware, software, and experience design — no matter what stage of the development process you’re in
  • We work with your team to formalize product requirements and create a realistic plan for delivering your solution

We are a Full Service Connected Products Firm

We facilitate conversations to discover your goals that help us to ideate solutions and identify project requirements.

We analyze your high level functional and technical requirements that allow us to accurately scope your project.

We enlist our designers to design both hardware and software in conjunction with your defined functional and technical requirements.

Bluefin uses agile development processes which allow us to move fluidly and bring you the best possible product to market in record time.

We deploy your product via your chosen distribution channels; brick and mortar, app stores, production servers and e-commerce platforms.

Let Us Help with New or Existing Products

New Connected Products

  • Work with your team to ideate connected product solutions for new devices
  • Design, build and test all or some of the connected product components
  • Build in self diagnostic and maintenance capabilities to increase  device up-time and optimize long term usage patterns

Existing Connected Products

  • Provide user experience and feature enhancements to your current products
  • Add a more robust reporting and data visualization solution
  • Connect to cloud storage and Patient Health Records

Want to learn more?

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