Connecting Your Customers to Your Products

Bluefin helps companies navigate the complexities of building today’s connected products.

  • Bluefin applies a proven process to validate, design, and build IoT products and systems that intersect with the physical and digital worlds.

  • We work with your team to formalize product requirements and create a realistic plan for delivering your solution.

  • We specialize in providing product, project, and vendor management services to make sure that all aspects of your project are on time and on budget.

  • We produce complete solutions — hardware, software, and experience design — no matter what stage of the development process you’re in.


New Connected Products

  • Work with your team to ideate on the right connected product to meet your business and market goals.

  • Design, build and test all or some of the connected product components.

  • Build in self-diagnostic and maintenance capabilities to increase device uptime and optimize long term usage patterns.


Existing Connected Products

  • Provide user experience and feature enhancements to your current products.

  • Add a more robust reporting and data management solution.

  • Enhance the availability and intelligence of your data via the Cloud services.

  • Develop mobile, web and voice interfaces to bring your connected product to life.


Connecting to Fluent with logo.png


Bluefin worked with Walchem (a subsidiary of Iwaki America Inc.) to develop Fluent, a remote monitoring and reporting system which is fully synchronized with Walchem’s web based controllers, allowing for simple, fast and remote communications for all new and existing controllers. Bluefin worked to help surface that information in an easy to use, live, way for customers who need to react fast and with certainty to keep water safe.



With a goal to enhance the bond between pets and owners, LINK AKC was born. By tapping into The American Kennel Club's 132 years of devotion to dog research, its rich history and the most cutting edge wireless technology available, the team was able to deliver an award-winning product that enhances the relationship between us and our most cherished companions.



Bluefin and the team at BluStream spent 9 months developing, refining, and bringing to market a revolutionary low energy Bluetooth® sensor. With two working prototypes, the team successfully created a crowd-funding campaign through Kickstarter that received orders from over 400 consumers. Our efforts caught the attention of two industry giants – Taylor Guitars and D’Addario who both understood the need for more advanced protection of fine musical instruments.


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