Game Changers Business Conference & Expo


Bluefin Technology Partners attended Worcester Chamber of Commerce’s  Game Changers event October 20th.  During the day long event, many local business’ showcased their products and services.  We had the pleasure of listening to Congressman James McGovern and Anthony Consigli of Consigli Construction discuss the climate of politics and construction in the region.  Mechanics hall was filled with entrepreneurs and business people, excited about how far Worcester has come and where it is going.  Thanks to the hard work of local business’, officials and the Chamber of Commerce, downtown Worcester is thriving!


Our very own Jay Cahill, Co-founder and Partner of Bluefin,  participated in one of the days many insightful panels.  He spoke to an involved crowd about recruiting and retaining talent from the cities’ many local colleges.  Jay was joined by Ben Pleat of Doorbell, David Crouch of Ten24, and Jessica Walsh of Worcester Wares on the panel.  The panel agreed that the growth of the downtown area has helped develop their companies and attract talent.  Worcester has talented students leaving many of the area colleges, it appears Worcester’s revitalization helps to keep them in the area.

Bluefin has been lucky enough to work out of the Worcester Idea Labs, run by Action! Worcester, for the past 3 years.  The space has been not only beautiful, but great for collaborating with other businesses.  We partnered with Blustream, a connected humidity tracking company, who we worked with to help build their mobile application.  Worcester innovation has been picking up steam; it was great to see it on full display at Game Changers!

Join us at the Connected Health Conference

Bluefin Technology Partners, a member of the Uplift Cooperative, is excited to announce a partnership with PCH Alliance and the Connected Health Conference.  The event aims to bring together the brightest minds in the health and technology sector.  The conference is a 3-day event in Boston on October 25th thought the 27th, it’s focused on shaping the future of personal health and clinical care.  Through our partnership we are offering a $200 discount off the conference price when you register online, email Michael Po ( to get the discount code.

Connected health and wellness devices is poised to be a $612 billion market by 2024. Advances in technology will drive this market and healthier lives for those who adopt it.  To drive these advances, technology companies are focusing on patients and their caregivers.  Uplift will lead a “Happy Hour” design thinking workshop on Friday (10/27) from 1pm to 3pm.  The session will focus on the importance of user research, journey mapping, and “user-centered” design to deliver connected health products that patients and providers will adopt. If you are interested in attending the workshop only, please contact Michael Po.

This is the 9th annual Connected Health Conference.  The programming and presentations will focus on advancing progress in care delivery and the innovative application of personal connected health technologies. The event will allow you to preview the latest innovations, experience early-stage technologies and meet the entrepreneurs, providers and business leaders shaping the market.

Join us at the conference to shape the future of healthcare together!

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DogOT: Connect With Your Pet

Internet of Things is focusing on more than smart cities, smart cars, and smart health. Bluefin Technology partnered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) to bring pets and their owners the state-of-the-art smart collar: LINK AKC. The new innovative creation from the IoT and technology world. The unique collar is more than an accessory on your pet’s neck.Link AKC is the one and only curved smart dog collar designed to comfortably fit all dogs. The system allows tracking units to fit on your own collar of choice or the included leader collar. Here are the most important features:

  • Location: Powered by AT&T, the collar connects to your phone through GPS technology, tracking services, and the LINK AKC application to find give an exact location of your dog’s whereabouts.

  • Wellness and Care: With activity tracking LINK AKC provides data and insight on your dog’s energy, strength, and well-being.

  • Adventures: The best thing about having a pet is going on adventures. LINK AKC records the best parts of your endeavours with your pet. Record, save and share all special occasions with your pet. More importantly, with just the touch of a button you can manage all the information and pictures to create an album for future reference.

  • Training: The best way to train your dog is through sounds, patience, and persistence. LINK AKC tracks and makes training accessible through the application for faster and more efficient training functions.

LINK AKC is easier to understand than you’d think. The data is transmitted to a cellular network (similar to a cell phone) which allows you to know your dog’s location, activity levels, and environment temperatures. The focus is to create a stronger, easier, and closer connection between dogs and their owners. LINK AKC connects you favorite things together and makes it easier to take care of your loved one.

The best feature of LINK AKC is its set up! After you have placed and received your order. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Go to: Download the LINK AKC App, now available on the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace,  and follow the instructions. LINK AKC is now shipping to its pre-order customers and available at online retailers. Get yours today and connect with your pet!

Do you have an IoT project you need help with? Bluefin Technology Partners helps companies build amazing connected solutions. We understand the complexity and collaboration required between organizational disciplines in order to deliver an IoT product to market on time and on budget.  We provide the services needed to assess your market, manage your partners, and shepherd your project through successful launch.

3 Key Insights From The MIT Enterprise Forum: Connected Things 2017

WRITTEN BY: Michael Po, Bluefin Technology Partners and Sam Margolis, Cantina

MIT recently hosted their annual enterprise forum, with a focus on the Internet of Things and connected products at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA.  A sold-out crowd heard from many industry leaders and companies who are paving the way in IoT and creating innovation at scale.  Here are 3 key takeaways, all relevant to our mission to elevate health and wellness through connected products.

  • The instrumentation of the physical world will lead to insights we’d never expect

Harel Kodesh, VP, Predix and CTO of GE Digital drew an unlikely conclusion:  By integrating America’s rail system and trains with sensors and drones, we’ll be able to better understand environmental conditions that will impact local farmers and land that surrounds the nation’s rail system, which could someday improve the quality of our food supply chain.

  • The commoditization of storage will accelerate mass adoption of connected devices

David Friend, a pioneer in both technology and music shared plans for his new cloud storage company, BlueArchive.  BlueArchive will soon introduce high performance cloud storage that is designed to handle the volume of data that connected products generate (we’re talking zetabytes here).  Couple that with a pricing model that scales at volume and we’ll have a new paradigm in cloud storage that will become a catalyst for growth in the world of connected products.  

  • IoT allows for the possibility of “in-home hospital care”

Partners Healthcare, one of the country's largest operator of hospitals is piloting IoT technology that will allow for in-home care of hospital patients.  They are working toward the goal of reducing in-hospital admitted patient care but more importantly are striving to deliver the “the right care, to the right people at the right time”.  This reduces overcrowding in urban hospitals where emergency room patients wait a day or more for a hospital room to open up.  It also greatly reduces the costs of care for the hospital and of course the insurance companies.  No one “wants” to be in a hospital so why not send a patient home where they are more comfortable if the physicians can provide the same level of care that they can in the hospital …. All thanks to IoT innovations in health care.

Bluefin and IBM Join Forces To Host IoT Meetup

On December 12th, Bluefin had the pleasure of hosting its first meetup in collaboration with IBM on “Smart Cities & the Evolution of the Connected Community.” The event took place in the Worcester Idea Lab, an event space located in the heart of downtown Worcester.

After some laid-back networking and delicious hors d'oeuvres from Figs and Pigs Kitchen + Pantry, Global Solution Executive, Tim Henrion discussed applications for IBM Watson’s platform and opportunities to use technology to enhance current systems such as smart parking meters.

To top the evening off, Bluefin rolled out a passion project the team has been working on this year; an IoT device that measures the volume of beer poured from a keg using a flow meter. In keeping with the local flavor of the evening, the keg served guests an IPA from Wormtown Brewery.

If you are interested in attending future meetups centered around quality of life IoT, join our meetup to stay informed!

Smart Cities & the Evolution of the Connected Community - IoT Meetup



What will our cities look like in the future? How does the evolving world of IoT influence the future? Come learn about applications for IBM's Watson platform and discuss more opportunities to use technology to enhance current systems and innovate new products that influence the lives of people living in urban environments.

Join us for a night of networking with hors d'oeuvres and an open bar at the Worcester Idea Lab on Tuesday, December 6th at 5:30.

Featured Speaker: Time Henrion, Global Solution Executive - Watson IoT Platform & Solutions

We are expecting a packed house, so please RSVP Here