6 Favs for our 6th Birthday

Today, July 15th, 2019 Bluefin has officially turned 6 years old. If the next 6 are going to be anything like the first 6, it will be another emotional and glorious endeavor — No doubt about it. In honor of this little fish aging before our eyes, we thought we’d recap some of our 6 Favs @ Bluefin. Some work, some play, some in combo, none in any particular order.

Granting kids wishes @ OneSimpleWish.org


One of the most dynamic women in business. Danielle Gletow is a fierce advocate for her organization and the foster children she helps every single day. We were lucky to be a partner in building out the Wish platform and aiding in her vision to help those that are truly in need. Please consider a visit to https://www.onesimplewish.org and making a donation. Job Well done Danielle and team!

Throwing that Keg Party with IBM IoT

Did someone say kegger? - well kind of. What’s better than meeting people, Wormtown Be Hoppy beer, and IoT. Absolutely very little. So in the ranks of good food, good drink and good times - we have to include the meet up night that Tony Leonardo and the IBM team help us throw at the office. For the event we wired up the kegerator with a little IoT to make sure consumption didn’t get out of control. Not surprisingly, Watson is a better thinker than drinker. Thanks Tony for the memory.

Silencing Alexa for all those seeking a little “Me Time”.

Johnson & Johnson Aveeno Me Timer

At Bluefin we are very fond of our Amazon partnership and Alexa, so naturally we were a bit conflicted when we were asked to replace all of Alexa’s native dialog with a Voice Actor’s. However, when a well known brand with a well known product asks… fortunately she’s all forgiving, and the silent treatment didn’t last that long. Very cool project and got to a chance to create a great new partnership with Rob and Susan at Cecilia.FM along the way.

Giving back at the Jeremiah Inn

Bluefin At Jermiah Inn

So our 6 year-old resolution is to do this more often as it is absolutely one of my favorite evenings ever with Bluefin. Nothing technical or utterly elaborate - just a chance to be real humans and help some people out in their own mission to make a better life for themselves. The team, at the lead of the Big Dog (Jacob Maselek), with the assistance of some family, were able to whip up a multicourse Chicken Parm dinner for the residence at the Jeremiah Inn. Anyone who struggles with or knows someone who struggles with addiction can appreciate the challenges - making dinner to provide one less obstacle for them - was not a problem at all.

Link AKC

Linking your dog to your phone

If you know Bluefin, you know about our work at the AKC with the Link Smart Dog collar. It was the most bleeding edge and technically challenging project we had ever done - and picked up some pretty good street cred with its CES award— however that is not what makes it a Fav. It was the camaraderie formed working with so many cross-functional client and partner teams. If it wasn’t for Link, we never would have met any of the good folks at AndPlus, Archimedic (Smithwise), Astro, Cantina, Connected Development, Dragon Innovation, Raptor Wireless and more…

Friending #FireballFriday


A unique part of Bluefin’s growth and journey is that we chose Worcester to be our home - particularly back in a time when the existence of a tech community in Worcester was largely unknown. One way we used to open our doors and network was through our Fireball Fridays. It was an informal gathering of anyone who might be in and around the Worcester Idea Lab, open to an introduction and a quick photo op. Thanks Josh Croke for making this tradition a tradition.

In summary, it is truly humbling to be able to continue to work with some of the best in the business, utilizing amazing technology while doing things that matters. Thank you to all who have supported us and continue to support us - without you there would be no Bluefin, no 6 and no 6 Favs.

Much respect —

Jay, Co-Founder Bluefin Technology Partners