Worcester's Hot Tech Scene


Fellow Worcester Friends -

As you know, for the past 4 years BLUEFIN TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS has called  WORCESTER home and we’ve been so excited and proud to see its growth.   Since starting as a small independent contractor here at the Worcester Idea Lab, we’ve invested in growing our team with LOCAL RESOURCES.  

We made some great friends, integrated into the community and helped DELIVER AMAZING TECHNOLOGY that has gone on to be recognized nationally on TV programs at CNN & NBC. In the tech field, our work has been included in the wearable product of the year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas as well highlighted by SxSW.

During our own company growth we’ve been able to build-out Software skills 


- Connected Products (INTERNET OF THINGS)

- Amazon Alexa and Google Home Skills (VOICE APPLICATIONS)


Additionally BLUEFIN has been very active in the community here in Worcester, working and advocating for local tech partners, universities, venture forums, chamber events and volunteering time with local charities). We have worked with clients East as far as the Netherlands, South as far as Puerto Rico, and West as far as China (you know if you keep going the other way)… however, to date we are still SEEKING A LOCAL CUSTOMER.

We feel strongly that local businesses supporting local businesses will help drive the prosperity of the technology scene and prove outside the region that Worcester is not only a fantastic breeding ground for great technologist and engineers but for great technology and engineering companies.

This is where I am ASKING FOR YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT in reaching out to our local business’ that utilize technology services.  We are eager to be a strategic Technology partner with those in our backyard.  If you know any local firms that want to talk about technology trends, vision, and roadmaps, please pass along this email and my contact info.  I’d be happy to carve out time and explore ways we could help each other out.