Bluefin All-hands In Killington, Vermont

The gangs all here!

The gangs all here!

This past week, the Bluefin team gathered at Killington Mountain for a few days of productive, focused time dedicated to the vision and annual goals of our company.

Over our four years of operations, Bluefin has seen steady growth and brought our company from a little known software development company to where we are today. However, this year we are setting the bar high. We set this meeting to figure how exactly we can achieve these goals, and reach the bar that we have set for ourselves. The goals of the session were simples: Set the bar, Plan to reach the bar, Go to the bar (celebrate a year of great successes).

Setting the Bar

Bluefin has visions for growth. Over the day we set our sights on ambitious, yet achievable growth for the next year. In order to do this we ran workshops to answer the following questions: Who are we? What do we do? and  Who is the perfect client?

In the months to follow, we will be transforming our marketing to match our conversations from our meetings and workshops. We won't bore our readers here with definitive answers to these questions, however, we hope that our upcoming new messaging can answer these questions.

Reaching the Bar

Now, to achieve these visions for growth in the next year we have set concrete values that our employees and company as a whole must uphold to bring these visions into actuality.

Our Values:

  1. We're Human: We act as a partner, not as a general contractor

  2. Open and honest dialogue: Doing the right thing for the client comes first and communicating attentively with the client is key

  3. Fiscal honesty and transparency: Accurate project scoping and timeliness

  4. Commitment and follow through: Tailor each experience to the customer, and shepherd projects to completion

  5. Never compromise quality: Offer a practical, pragmatic approach to design and development. Back up our product designs by truly implementable and scalable technology

Go to the Bar 



Thursday night, after the meeting, the entire company went out for a little fun. We went to Jay's favorite local spot, the Lookout Tavern for some beers and a few rounds of pool (which our interns took the crown for best record, second place went to Jay and Mike). We then grabbed dinner and cooled off in the pool. Friday morning we decided to burn off the the previous nights festivities and took a trip to the summit and back down.

All in all the trip was a success, we came out with a clear vision of who we are, where we want to be, and how to get to that point. Plus, we got to enjoy all of the amenities that the town had to offer. Thanks to the Killington Grand we had a wonderful all-hands, and we can't wait to do it again.