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2501, 2019

The Voice Age Realtor

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Transforming Real Estate with Technology The real estate industry is the largest commodity in the world at an estimation of $217 trillion in valuation. Technology, such as voice products and AI, are growing rapidly and affecting many markets. Because of these new technologies, about 10’s of millions of dollars have [...]

2112, 2018

Checking-In with Voice

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Photo Source: Geek Wire Voice in Hospitality Just this past October, the Marriott Group welcomed its first Alexa in guest rooms in North Carolina. However, this isn’t the first time Alexa has been in hotels. In 2016, Wynn Resorts installed over 5,000 Alexas in their rooms. In June, Amazon launched [...]

612, 2018

Serving Your Customer Through Voice

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Customer Service in the Voice Age Customer engagement, brand loyalty, and customer retention are all rewards for having outstanding customer service. With long waiting times, waiting on hold is a customer’s worst nightmare. In this age, technology is being used to improve their customer experience. From cutting down wait time [...]

2311, 2018

Happy Holidays with Voice Products

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Happy holidays from our team to yours! With new voice products out just in time for the holiday season 2018, we’re ready to add them to our wish list. Dominating the Holiday Season Last year, Alexa Echo Dot outsold all other products on Amazon over the holidays and the Amazon’s [...]