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Voice is the new medium


Rethink … For Voice

Voice controlled devices are becoming mainstream as users adopt the interaction model of the future. At Bluefin we are excited to assist companies in bringing their brands, products and services to to this new medium. With Amazon Echo and Google Home devices having the largest share in the virtual assistant speaker market, we believe that Alexa Skills or Google Actions are the best way to enter the voice controlled market. Developing a voice app is a great way to interact with current customers through an unused channel and increase outreach to new customers.
For more information on the current market trends and our white paper on virtual assistants, click here.

Voice means business

1. Engage Customers

     Collect enhanced consumer data

     Reduce support costs

2. Build Brand Loyalty

     Surprise and delight 

     Reward returning customers

3. Enable hands-free Shopping

     Build voice based incentives

     Inform and convert more easily

We can help you build from the ground up

Using proven implementation processes, Bluefin makes Voice Application development a manageable project that can yield impactful results in no time.  Developing voice-based applications requires a unique approach and understanding of both the consumer and the voice platform.    With this in mind, Bluefin works closely with our Clients, as a trusted partner, to fully understand their needs and their customer’s needs in order to deliver the most compelling and impactful experience.

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